The following DOCUMENTS are intended for general viewing.
  Commercial Solicitations Rule  
  Delinquent Assessment Rule  
  Entrada Gate Rule  
  Inspection for Official Information Rule 
  Open House Signs Rule 
Regulation of the Use of Drones 3.23.17 
  Bike Safety Info from CCSO

Architectural Planning Criteria


APC Guidelines -2014

  Contractor Guidelines 4 June 2015  
  Reference Collier County Native Plant List  
  Reference Collier County Non-Code and Prohibited Species  

Governing Documents    

  Greater Imperial Board Post Orders Amended June 2018  
  Notice of Preservation Of The Declarion Of Covenant And Restrictons  
  Restated Articles May 07  
     Amendment 1 to Articles Feb 09  
  Restated Bylaws May 07  
        Amendment to By Laws - Term Limits Jan 12  



Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions May 07

       Amendment 1 to Declaration Feb 09    
       Amendment 2 to Declaration Feb 11    
  Amend to IGEHOA Declaration Transfer Fee 1-27-14