Tarpon Cove

Go Paperless!


Florida law has changed and you now have an option to choose how you wish to receive notices relating to our community. Florida Stat.718.112 and Florida Regulation 61B-23.0029 Electronic Transmission of Notices expressly authorize associations to electronically transmit notices. The association must obtain consent in writing by the owner. Access to the written consent must be provided on request and be kept as part of the Official Record.

There are many advantages to receiving information via email. Advantages include:

  •  Receiving information is quick and efficient
  •  Eliminates the cost of postage, material and labor
  •  Information can be sent to multiple email addresses within the family at no additional cost
  •  Emails can be tracked as to their successful delivery
  •  Management will know immediately if an email address is invalid
Your Board of Directors encourage you to consider the Electronic Communication option. For this to work will take commitment by owners, the Board of Directors and Property Management Company. Part of the process is that you, the owner, assume responsibility to insure our property management company has your preferred email address.

We have provided a "consent form" that you can use to submit your preferece. Just click here  
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