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Imperial Golf Estates Home Owners Association encompasses over 634 homes or open lots in a large area between Tamiami Trail (US highway 41) and Livingston Avenue in North Napes. We do not have an actual administrative office and we currently use our property manager's address for most official correspondence. The address listed is our main gate, which is staffed 24/7, and is the entry point to Imperial Golf Estates and several smaller communities near the main gate

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  • From Your Xfinty Community Representative
  • According to Comcast's records, dozens of our residents have not converted from coaxial to fiber optic transmission. Please contact Comcast ASAP at 1-800-XFINITY to have your home connected from the new pedestal between you and your neighbor’s yard to the new fiber network. This connection replaces the coaxial cable that currently runs from the old pedestal to your home. The free installation period extends until August 1, 2020. If you do not convert, you will lose service after August 1st 2020. Those not having made the transer will receive a letter from Sandcastle informing them of the need to switch.
  • Sandcastle Offices are closed to due to the Corona virus. Please read their notice about continued service from them.
  • GATE HOPPERS - Request a token to use the back gate properly
  • Your Board has cancelled the scheduled March 26, 2020 Board meeting due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus. Recommendations from many public health offices suggested that meetings of large groups of people be postponed or cancelled. Your Board prefers to take the more cautious approach and is cancelling our meeting. The Board will keep you notified of any significant issue via email and by using our website. The website will be updated daily with all new HOA news pertinent to our community.
  • Several residents have not provided Sandcastle their vehicle device information. Those not doing so, will be receiving the attached letter. If you do not provide this infomration, you will not be able to access Imperial.throuh the automated gates. Click here for copy of letter.
  • Rules For Board Meetings
  • 2020 Imperial Document Changes
  • Gate Access Imperial
  • Effective Tuesday, October 1 you will notice new guards at the front gate. The Greater Imperial Board has contracted with Statewide Security to maintain the gate and provide gate access guards 24/7. As with any transition, we anticipate a few obstacles and ask for your patience during the first few months. Also, on October 1st the www.gateaccess.net website and smartphone app will be disabled. After the new Checkpoint system is in place Residents will get an email with a link and username & password for the new Resident Webpage where they can edit their contact info and create a visitor list. There will also be an Android App available using a link on the Resident Webpage, the Apple App will be available very soon. The automated system will be a little different during this transition, but you may continue to dial 239-597-2005 to call your guests/vendors in. Again, we appreciate your patience during this transition.
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