11 Trending East Facing Landscape Ideas 2024

East Facing Landscape Ideas: Harnessing the Morning Sun

An east-facing landscape offers a unique opportunity to design a space bathed in beautiful morning light. This natural light can create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying your outdoor space throughout the day. But how can you leverage this sunlight to create a stunning and functional landscape? Here, we delve into captivating east facing landscape ideas to transform your outdoor haven.

East Facing Front Garden with a Classic and Contemporary Feel
East Facing Front Garden with a Classic and Contemporary Feel
  • Embracing the Early Light
  • Morning Glory for Morning Sun: Since east-facing landscapes receive the brunt of sunlight in the morning, it’s ideal to plant flowers that thrive in these conditions. Vibrant morning glories, with their trumpet-shaped blooms, unfurl with the rising sun, adding a touch of magic to your garden.
  • Landscaping Ideas with Photos.
    Landscaping Ideas with Photos.
  • Create a Breakfast Nook: Capture the morning light by setting up a charming breakfast nook on your patio. Wicker furniture and colorful cushions create a comfortable haven to enjoy a cup of coffee and bask in the warm glow of the sunrise.
  • Water Features with a Shimmer: Introduce a water feature like a small fountain or birdbath to your east-facing landscape. The morning sun will dance on the water’s surface, creating a mesmerizing focal point and the gentle sound of trickling water adds a touch of serenity.
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    Ultimate Guide to East Facing Gardens — Meadowlark Journal
  • Planning for the Afternoon
  • While east-facing landscapes get ample morning sun, they tend to be shadier in the afternoon. Here’s how to create a comfortable space for the entire day:

    Best Beautiful Plants for an East-Facing Garden 🌻🌱
    Best Beautiful Plants for an East-Facing Garden 🌻🌱
  • Shade Sails for Afternoon Comfort: Strategically placed shade sails can provide much-needed respite from the afternoon sun. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to add a touch of personality while ensuring comfort.
  • Plant for Afternoon Shade: Incorporate plants that thrive in partial shade into your landscape design. Hostas, ferns, and coral bells are excellent choices, adding pops of color and texture while providing natural shade for afternoon enjoyment.
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  • Create a Multi-Level Landscape: If your space allows, consider creating a multi-level landscape. Lower areas with sun-loving plants can transition to raised beds with shade-tolerant varieties, offering a dynamic visual experience and catering to different sunlight needs.
  • Adding Allure and Functionality
  • Earth Designs - contemporary garden on leigh on sea  Garden
    Earth Designs – contemporary garden on leigh on sea Garden
  • Pathway to Tranquility: A winding pathway through your east-facing landscape beckons exploration. Use decorative stones or pavers to create a textural contrast, and line the path with shade-loving plants for a touch of intrigue.
  • Vertical Gardens for Lush Appeal: Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to maximize space and add greenery to your east-facing walls. This allows you to incorporate a wider variety of plants, creating a lush and vibrant vertical oasis.
  • Fire Pit for Evening Gatherings: While east-facing landscapes might not provide the ideal setting for a sunset view, a fire pit can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for evening gatherings. Enjoy the company of loved ones under the starry sky, with the warmth of the fire banishing any lingering chill.
  • Conclusion
  • An east-facing landscape presents a unique opportunity to design a space bathed in the beauty of the morning sun. By incorporating these design elements, you can create a vibrant and functional outdoor haven that allows you to enjoy your space throughout the day.

  • FAQs
  • What are some of the best flowers for an east-facing landscape?
  • Morning glories, lilies, coreopsis, and coneflowers are all excellent choices for east-facing landscapes as they thrive in morning sunlight.

  • How can I attract pollinators to my east-facing landscape?
  • Plant a variety of flowering plants in different bloom times to provide a continuous food source for pollinators. Butterfly bushes, lavender, and bee balm are all great options.

  • What type of mulch is best for an east-facing landscape?
  • Organic mulch, like shredded bark or wood chips, is a great choice for east-facing landscapes. It helps retain moisture in the morning sun and suppresses weeds.

  • Can I have a vegetable garden in an east-facing landscape?
  • Absolutely! Many vegetables, like lettuce, spinach, and herbs, thrive in morning sun. Just be sure to choose varieties that tolerate partial shade in the afternoon.

  • I have a small east-facing balcony. Can I still create a beautiful landscape?
  • Yes! Vertical gardens, hanging planters, and strategically placed potted plants can transform your balcony into a lush green haven. Choose shade-tolerant plants and incorporate small decorative elements like fairy lights or a miniature water feature for added ambiance.


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