13 Top Tennessee Landscape Ideas 2024

Tennessee Landscapes: A Symphony of Natural Beauty

Tennessee, the “Volunteer State,” boasts a remarkably diverse landscape that will leave you breathless. From the majestic peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains to the rolling hills of the Cumberland Plateau, and the fertile plains of West Tennessee, the state offers a tapestry of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Here, we delve into the unique features and design ideas to bring a touch of Tennessee’s splendor to your own backyard.

Plantings BrentwoodTN -  Low-Maintenance Plantings for Your New
Plantings BrentwoodTN – Low-Maintenance Plantings for Your New
  • The Mountains of Majesty
  • East Tennessee is crowned by the Great Smoky Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lush evergreen forests cloak the slopes, while wildflowers paint vibrant murals in spring. Cascading waterfalls and meandering rivers add a touch of serenity.

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  • Design Inspiration: Capture the mountain magic with towering evergreens like spruce and fir. Create a rock garden with native wildflowers like columbine and trillium. A babbling rock fountain evokes the sound of mountain streams.
  • The Rolling Hills of History
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    Central Tennessee is dominated by the Cumberland Plateau, a vast expanse of rolling hills dissected by deep canyons and caves. The rich history of the region is evident in charming towns nestled amidst the hills.

  • Design Inspiration: Recreate the rolling hills with gentle slopes and sweeping lawns. Native grasses like switchgrass and little bluestem provide a low-maintenance and ecologically friendly touch. Scattered historic-looking lampposts add a touch of nostalgia.
  • The Grass Girl
    The Grass Girl
  • The Fertile Plains of Plenty
  • West Tennessee showcases a different landscape – fertile plains ideal for agriculture. The mighty Mississippi River forms the state’s western border, while sprawling fields of cotton and soybeans stretch towards the horizon.

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  • Design Inspiration: Embrace the agricultural heritage with rows of native wildflowers like black-eyed Susan and coneflower. A vegetable garden brimming with fresh produce adds a touch of self-sufficiency and pops of color. A simple wooden fence evokes the charm of rural Tennessee.
  • Beyond the Basics: Embracing Tennessee’s Character
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    How to Landscape Your Front Yard

    While these are broad strokes, don’t be afraid to personalize your Tennessee-inspired landscape. Here are some additional elements to consider:

    Native Plants: Tennessee boasts a rich variety of native plants, from flowering dogwood and redbud trees to vibrant wildflowers. Utilizing native species not only creates a beautiful landscape but also supports the local ecosystem.

  • Water Features: Waterfalls, streams, and ponds are quintessential elements of Tennessee’s landscape. Consider incorporating a water feature, even a small one, to bring the sound of flowing water into your space.
  • Rustic Charm: Tennessee has a deep-rooted connection to its agricultural heritage. Rustic elements like wooden benches, weathered signs, and stone pathways add a touch of down-home charm to your landscape.

  • Conclusion
  • Tennessee’s diverse landscapes offer endless inspiration for creating a beautiful and unique outdoor space. By incorporating elements that reflect the state’s natural wonders and rich history, you can bring a touch of Tennessee’s magic to your own backyard.

  • FAQs
  • 1. What are some low-maintenance plants suitable for a Tennessee landscape?
    Native grasses, sedums, and perennials with long bloom times are all excellent choices for a low-maintenance Tennessee landscape.

    2. How can I attract wildlife to my Tennessee landscape?
    Planting native flowers and shrubs that provide food and shelter for birds and butterflies is a great way to attract wildlife. Leaving a small, shallow dish of water out can also attract birds and other small animals.

    3. What are some challenges to consider when landscaping in Tennessee?
    Tennessee experiences all four seasons, so consider plants that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Erosion on slopes can also be a concern. Using plants with deep root systems and creating terraces can help prevent erosion.

    4. Where can I find resources for native plants in Tennessee?
    Many local nurseries specialize in native plants. You can also contact your local Tennessee Wildlife Federation chapter for resources on native plants.

    5. Are there any legal restrictions to consider when landscaping in Tennessee?
    It’s always a good idea to check with your local municipality for any regulations regarding landscaping, especially regarding water features or protected plant species.


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