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13 Best Diy Horse Trailer Tack Room Ideas 2024

Let’s be honest, horse people accumulate stuff. Tack, treats, grooming supplies – it all seems to multiply like tribbles in a sci-fi show. And while a dedicated tack room in a fancy barn might be the dream, for many equestrians, reality comes in the form of a trusty trailer. But fear not, fellow horse lovers! Even a trailer can be a haven for your equine essentials. With a little creativity and some repurposed treasures, you can transform your trailer into a surprisingly spacious and delightful tack room on wheels.

From Floor to Fabulous: Creating Functional Footing

DIY Horse Trailer Organization
DIY Horse Trailer Organization

The foundation of any good tack room is a clean, safe space for your belongings. But trailers often have uneven floors or metal grates – not exactly ideal for leather goods or delicate grooming tools. Here’s where repurposing magic comes in!

Rubber Revolution: Rubber stall mats are a lifesaver (and a hoof-saver for your equine friend). They’re easy to cut to size, provide excellent grip, and can be easily hosed down to keep things sparkling. Plus, they come in a variety of thicknesses, so you can find the perfect level of comfort for your trailer floor.

  • Carpet Comfort: Is rubber a bit too industrial for your taste? Consider leftover carpet remnants! Choose a low-pile option that’s easy to clean and won’ shed. Secure it with carpet tape for a touch of homey charm.

  • Horse trailer tack room conversion to living quarters  Horse
    Horse trailer tack room conversion to living quarters Horse

    Saddle Up for Storage: Clever Compartments

    Now that your trailer floor is fabulous, it’s time to tackle (see what we did there?) storage. Trailers often have under-utilized nooks and crannies – perfect for creating clever compartments!

    DIY: Do It Yourself How To Make a Custom Storage Bench for your
    DIY: Do It Yourself How To Make a Custom Storage Bench for your

    Hanging Havens: Utilize the walls! Install saddle racks specifically designed for trailers. They often hug the contours of the wall, saving precious space. For additional hanging storage, explore creative options like repurposed clothing rods or even sturdy PVC pipes. They’re perfect for hanging bridles, halters, and lead ropes.

  • Pocket Power: Wall pockets are a fantastic way to maximize vertical space. Fabric shoe organizers work wonders! They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, perfect for storing grooming supplies, first-aid kits, or even those stray grooming gloves that always seem to disappear.

  • Shelving Solutions: Stack it Up with Style

    Trailer tack room organization  Dr
    Trailer tack room organization Dr

    Shelving is a must-have in any tack room, and your trailer is no exception. But forget bulky pre-made shelves – think light, airy, and easily removable.

    Floating Shelves: These space-savers attach directly to the wall, providing valuable storage without sacrificing floor space. Look for floating shelves designed for kitchens or bathrooms – they’re often sleek and affordable.

  • Crate Expectations: Wooden crates are not just for farmers markets anymore! Stack them up and secure them to the wall for a rustic-chic (and surprisingly sturdy) shelving solution. Paint them a cheerful color to add a pop of personality to your trailer tack room.

  • Trailer tack room organization  Dr
    Trailer tack room organization Dr

    Compartmentalize with Confidence: Keeping Chaos at Bay

    With all that newfound storage space, it’s tempting to just toss everything in and hope for the best. But trust us, labeled compartments are your friend. They’ll save you time and frustration when you’re on the go.

    Horse Trailer Tack Room Organization
    Horse Trailer Tack Room Organization

    Plastic Fantastic: Clear plastic bins are a gift from the organizational gods. They protect your stuff from dust and make it easy to see what’s inside at a glance. Label them clearly with a label maker for ultimate efficiency.

  • DIY Dividers: For larger compartments, create dividers using cardboard or foam board. Cover them in fabric or shelf liner for a polished look. These dividers will keep your supplies from jumbling together, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

  • Ah, the trusty horse trailer. It whisks you and your equine companion off to exciting adventures, be it shows, trail rides, or friendly visits to the barn down the road. But let’s face it, trailers can become cluttered havens for hay scraps, misplaced grooming tools, and that mysteriously rogue half-empty bag of treats. Enter the tack room, your trailer’s very own storage superhero!

    Even if your trailer boasts a pre-existing tack room, there’s always room for improvement. And if you’re trailer DIY-savvy (or possess a partner in crime who is!), then buckle up for a ride through some creative ideas to transform your tack space into a masterpiece of functionality and cheer.

    Corral the Chaos: Maximize Every Inch

    Small trailer? No worries! Utilize vertical space with wall-mounted shelves and pegboards. Craft shelves from reclaimed wood for a rustic charm, or paint them in bright hues to add a pop of personality. Pegboards are fantastic for hanging bridles, halters, and lead ropes, keeping them easily accessible and saving precious floor space.

    Contain Your Creativity: Bins and Baskets

    Bins and baskets are your knights in shining armor when it comes to taming clutter. Corral grooming supplies, first-aid kits, and stray horse treats in decorative baskets or colorful bins. Clear bins allow you to see what’s inside at a glance, while opaque ones can house less aesthetically pleasing necessities.

    Saddle Up for Style: Repurposed Chic

    Unearth hidden gems at flea markets and antique shops! An old suitcase transformed with a lick of paint becomes a charming grooming kit holder. A vintage ladder hung on the wall provides additional hanging space for bridles or saddle pads. Get creative and think outside the box – a retired industrial spool can become a whimsical nightstand for tack wipes and hoof picks!

    Lighten Up Your Load: Illuminating Ideas

    Proper lighting is essential in any tack room. String lights across the ceiling for a warm, inviting ambiance. Stick-on LED strips can illuminate dark corners or undershelves, making it easy to find that elusive curry comb at a moment’s notice.

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Touch of Magic

    Mirrors strategically placed can create the illusion of a larger space, while also allowing you to do a quick tack check before hitting the show ring.

    Hitch Up Some Inspiration: Let There Be Art!

    Don’t let your tack room be all function and no fun! Spruce it up with horse-themed artwork, inspirational quotes, or even photos of your equine partner.

    Tackle the Trash: Bin There, Done That

    A designated wastebasket is a must-have for any tack room. Opt for a lidded bin to keep dust and odors at bay.

    Boot Up for Success: Mudroom Magic

    Carve out a small mudroom area at the entrance of your trailer. Install hooks for hanging mud-caked coolers and jackets. A designated boot tray will prevent muddy footprints from tracking throughout the trailer.

    Let There Be a (Magnetic) List:

    A magnetic board on the wall is a super-convenient way to keep track of upcoming appointments, show schedules, or even a grocery list for your horse’s favorite treats!

    Don’t Forget the Floor:

    Easy-to-clean flooring is a must in a horse trailer. Rubber stall mats are durable and provide good traction, while vinyl or laminate flooring offers a more finished look.


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